Our Story

Playing cards and trading cards have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. That feeling of finding a rare card was something that just hit different. That's the feeling we want to recreate.

We asked ourselves what we can do differently. How can we pay homage to the cards of our youth that brought us so much purpose and excitement?

The answer was IMMORTAL CARDS. Cards that won't fade or bend or lose their appeal. Cards made out of metal!

We felt that if we loved the idea, there had to be at least a few others out in the world that would love the idea as well. That's when we launched Immortal Cards. With the hope that we could find others that share our same passion. 

That nostalgia will last forever through Immortal Cards.

We're 3 friends based out of Florida and we want to thank you for supporting us on our artistic journey!